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Becoming a donor or partner of the Foundation for Youth for Science Foundation is a citizen action for the scientific culture in Tunisia.


The Youth for Science Foundation was created with the mission of giving young people a taste for science, promoting scientific professions and guiding them in their research projects related to their passion and allowing them to solve the burning needs of their communities.


In doing so, the Foundation wishes to create a useful trend in the scientific activities that occupy conscious and passionate children, and through them to pave the way for the creation of a new generation of creative scientists and innovative entrepreneurs able to respond to challenges of their nation in terms of sustainable development while increasing Tunisia’s scientific literacy rate to the standards of developed countries.


Terms of donations:


You can make your donations either:

in cash: it is the manual donation of sums of money which can be materialized by the cash delivery, the delivery of a check (provisioned), the transfer of funds;

in kind: it is materialized for example by the delivery of equipment (table, chair, computer equipment …);

in service: it consists of free services rendered to the Foundation,


Your gesture will be worth:

  • Participate in actions in the field, all over Tunisia, aimed at promoting scientific culture, scientific and technical jobs in companies, as well as scientific entrepreneurship with young people.
  • – Promote the territorial anchoring of your entity by developing lasting links with the actors of the educational world.
  • – Contribute to awaken the curiosity of young people, revalorise the scientific process and develop critical thinking.


Partnership terms: We propose three modes of partnership to private or public institutions and companies:

Associated partners:

– You financially support all activities of the Foundation on the basis of 3-year agreements. – You are a member of the Founders’ Meeting, which defines the aims and strategic orientations of the Foundation.

Active partners:

– You support the Foundation’s programs and access its program of actions. – You are a member of the partners
Thematic partners:

– You support more specifically one of the actions of the Foundation, by showing your contribution.