Tahar Boughzala

VP for relations with Local & International Donors


Professor of Physics, member of several commissions of education reforms in Algeria (1970-1993), Vice President of the National Commission of assessment and improvement of Physics programs in Algeria (1981).
In 1995 immersion in the world of industry in Tunisia, where he held COO positions in companies in the food and manufacturing sector, and led them in their industrial upgrading program, helping them  benefit from Free Trade Agreement with the European Union. In 2001 he created World Negoce an international trading company managing large transactions in Iraq under the program “Oil against food”.

Mr. Boughzala is passionate about environmental protection with little experience in renewable energy management and energy recovery from waste.  Resident in France since 2010, He is active as a facilitator in a Think Tank caring about school drop and failure in Arab communities, and trying to
reverse it into educational success in his commune in France . Mr. Boughzala is Vice President of Youth for Science Foundation in charge of  Relations with local & Internationa l Donors.