Mr. Bettaieb is the former Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Investment during the first ever elected government from Dec 2011 till March 2013. He is VC professional since mid 90s, managing first seed and corporate venture funds in Tunisia targeting high value added technology projects. He headed in UAE during 2008-2010 an Academic Technology Transfer programs assessing the commercialization of research results in Arab Universities, and till Sep 2011 in KAU for similar programs commercializing BWRO desalination technologies. He is presently the founder and director of the only academic Incubator/Accelerator at Esprit school of engineering, launching high value added technology Start-ups.

Mr. Bettaieb is a certified Technology Licensing Practitioner, and member of the Board of the LES-Arab Countries since 2009. He is co-founder and chairman of Tunisian Venture Capital Association, Co-founder of Euro-Mediterranean Capital Forum.

His passion for science at young age, made him join the Association Jeunes Science de Tunisie since the age of 14, to touch most existing activities such as astronomy, electronics, experimental rockets, and ecology. An invitation from INTEL in 2010 to attend ISEF fair in San Jose inspired him “to give back” and to think about Tunisia children. He decided with passionate fellows like him to create the “Youth for Science Foundation” which mission is to create for kids a better environment to enjoy the wonders of science, understand and improve their environment for their community, and benefit from the existing global ecosystem to get access to the best research and engineering environment useful for them and for Tunisia.

Mr. Bettaieb graduated in Physics, Petroleum Engineering, Economics and minor in management from Tunisian, American and Japanese universities. He is married and father of 2 sons.